Animal Bordello


 - a new play by David Scinto, writer of

the Oscar nominated classic; Sexy Beast.


Soho Theatre Upstairs July 2013.




American Fred –  Andrew Dennis

Jack Boot (Nazi costume) – Simon Hewitt

Priest –  Danny Benoliel

Lady (Dressed in a mink) – Victoria Jeffrey

Tramp –  Michael Quartey

Psychoanalyst (Adult baby) – Andy Mcleod

Farmer – James Kermack

Man 40 (Dressed in fetish gear) – Geoff Breton

Man A (Football shirt) - Ben Righton

Secretary – Naomi Sheldon

Prostitute (Dressed as a Judge) – Lindsay Harding

Scientist (Dressed as a bee) – Simon Perry

Ninja – Colin Goodwin


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Photos by Martin Murphy