Written by Daisy King

Directed by Laura Wooff

Starring Phoebe Thomas, Velile Tshabalala & Gaz Hayden  

Stacy goes out with her mate Stella. Stacy goes out with whoever's left standing. Stacy goes out on her own. Hiding her homelessness, living in chaos, running fast and laughing as hard as she can. But she's getting left behind. The last one left standing at the party and the party is ending. "I was shagging this bloke for a bit who'd shout Ramadan when he came. Which was odd because he was Jewish and my name isn't Dan."Offie nominated Bruised Sky Productions present this darkly funny debut play by Daisy King. An anti slut shaming, heart warming tale of what it's like to be a fiercely independent women, drenched in the desire to belong and tarnished by the desperation of being liked. But is it all even possible?

Kings Head Theatre May 8th - 12th


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