Our inaugural production: LADS by James Kermack, was a hit at the Edinburgh Festival 2009, garnering rave reviews from the press and packing out audiences.

Following this success LADS transferred to the

Canal Cafe London from January 5 - 23rd



"Rarely less than hilarious and told at a blistering pace, Lads is a triumph of blokeish wit, satire, social observation and visceral direction... expertly captures the rhythms and cadences of blokeish night-out banter... I can't remember the last time I laughed with such abandon while watching a play so creatively delivered with skill and balls."


"Flying under the stylistic banner of the distinctive Berkoff, their tale is a full on 'wham bam thank you ma'am' production'... an exhilarating ride, not to mention hugely funny... Kermack's spot on observations are extended into sharply crafted and dramatized moments of choreography. The energy of his direction carries you away... a textured and confident piece of theatre which shows the emergence of a strong talent"



"very clever and poignant piece of theatre... drew us into their world using only four chairs and some very clever physicality... well constructed and executed piece of theatre... scenes flowed seamlessly, never losing the audience and leaving us in no doubt of the talent of the performers and director"


"Lads is a vigorous and energetic comedy, which at the same time is not afraid to throw an emotional punch."



"The production careers along with little pause for breath... the non-stop frenetic pace of the piece leaves you reeling in the power of it."